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Supplier News 6 February 2018

North America’s largest data summit for the travel industry to take place in three weeks in Miami

Do you work in data analytics, revenue management, marketing or product development?

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The Smart Travel Data Summit North America 2018 will be a two-day celebration of fiery innovation, and will provide the perfect platform for your business to adapt and be ahead of the curve, as well as learn and network with 150+ senior data RM, product, & marketing executives.


Leo Langford, Project Lead at EyeforTravel said "No company is lacking for data, however having data that is accurate, collated and measurable is half the battle. We are at a tipping point where it is essential for travel brands to focus on delivering personalized messages and engaging with relevant content - which is why the role and potential of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is immense.

He then went on to say "which is exactly why in three weeks we are bringing together the cream of the crop in data, marketing and RM in travel to deliver tools, insights and strategies to ensure you nail your data and marketing strategy in 2018 and beyond.

A snapshot of the experts taking the stage include: Airbnb, Amazon, Hyatt, Expedia, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Vacasa, Wyndham, Hertz and more!

The show will be buzzing with insight on data and marketing strategies such as:

  • Personalization – Beyond the Buzzword
  • Forget Disparate Databases – Get One Golden Record
  • Machine Learning – How will it Shake Up your Data?
  • The Next Frontier of Revenue Management
  • Pioneer Personalized Pricing
  • Profitable Partnerships in Data: Opportunities and Limitations; and much more!

For concrete case studies stories of success and failures, and an event thriving with new business creation, look no further than the EyeforTravel's Smart Travel Data Summit North America 2018.

Contact the team directly at – [email protected]

Renu Kannu

EyeForTravel | Project and Research Director (+ 44 20 7375 7197 |[email protected])

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Smart Travel Data Summit North America 2018

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