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External Article 9 May 2018

6 best boutique hotels in Las Vegas

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A great hotel room is the foundation of an epic visit to Las Vegas.It's where most travelers end their nights and start their days, a haven from the clinking chips and dinging slots, a refuge from the sea of humanity. Time and time again, Sin City hotel rooms set the scene for all that happens in Vegas -- whether it stays there or not.The world of Vegas hotels is always changing before our very eyes. Sure, iconic destinations are still around -- the Bellagio with its dancing fountains out front, the Venetian with its Italian marble and sunken-level suites, and the Wynn Las Vegas for room-service congee (among other high-end perks).Add to those classic options these newer boutique hotels and hotels-within-hotels. The new entries are smaller, more intimate and often swankier than their hulking counterparts. Here are our seven favorite places to stay:

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