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Press Release16 May 2018

The Luxury World of Spa & Hospitality redefined

Bringing the Spa back to Nature

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International Spa consultancy firm SpaTree is pleased to announce its partnership with Mocadazu,
a professional tent building company based in The Netherlands, to develop Spa Lodges and Bamboo Canvas tents for the Luxury outdoor market in Hospitality & Spa.


The founder of SpaTree, Jannita Mossel, has worked with leading organizations such as Ananda Spa Institute- belonging to world-renowned Spa resort Ananda in The Himalayas-, and has trained students who now work for brands such as Mandarin Oriental, Aman Resorts, Six Senses, Taj Hotels, and The Leela. As founder of SpaTree, she actively works as Spa advisor, writer, speaker and Spa concept developer. Her advisory work centers around themes such as Responsible Tourism, Back-to Nature concepts in Luxury travel, Sustainability in Luxury Spa, Outdoor & Canvas concepts in Hospitality; 'Travel without Walls'.

Anna Raetsen and Bouwe Besseling are the founders of Mocadazu in The Netherlands. They now oversee the creative direction of Outdoor Concepts in Spa & Hospitality through their highly talented craftsmanship in tent building. Anna is an industrial designer and graduated from Delft University of Technology at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Her colleague, Bouwe Besseling is an architect and graduated from Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

By working together, both companies have created an interesting combination of craftsmanship, thinking-outside-the-box mentality, a highly service oriented work approach and expertise in Spa & Outdoor projects: "we are moving away from the traditional concept of Spa & Hospitality; instead of having a spa tucked away behind concrete walls, where a connection with nature has been evaded, we are bringing Nature back to the Spa by creating Luxury Spa Lodges which can be used in every type of climate" says SpaTree founder Jannita Mossel.

SpaTree creates Outdoor Concepts for the Luxury Spa & Hospitality market

Jannita Mossel
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