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Supplier News12 June 2018

MicroMetrics Publishes The Strategic Guide To: New Tech & Traveler Trends

An exploration of how groundbreaking technology can be used to capitalize on the changing needs of the modern traveler

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Micro Metrics Inc.

Ottawa, Canada -- MicroMetrics has published The Strategic Guide To: New Tech and Traveler Trends. The new research report showcases which cutting-edge technologies can be used to satisfy the needs of the modern day traveler.


This detailed guide explores the relationship between disruptive technology and emerging traveler trends, outlining specific recommendations for hospitality professionals to capitalize on the changing market.

The Strategic Guide To: New Tech & Traveler Trends examines the entire travel process, exploring motivating factors, research techniques and habits, influences on the booking decision, and the travel experience itself—with recommendations on how to optimize each touchpoint.

Some highlights from the report include:

  • 82% of leisure travelers do not start their research with the intention to book with a specific accommodation provider
  • 50% of travelers are more likely to book with travel brands that provide relevant destination information
  • 69% of travelers would rather spend money on better activities than a nicer hotel room
  • 36% of travelers would pay more for a more personalized experience

"While technology has continued to advance and grow, the industry's seemingly slow adoption has begun limiting the ability of hoteliers to provide the level of service today's travelers expect. With this report, we aim to equip hospitality professionals with that much needed insight into the values of modern travelers—and to empower hospitality brands to integrate leading technologies into their core strategies."

― Andre Richards, CTO of MicroMetrics

The Strategic Guide To: New Tech & Traveler Trends can be accessed here.

MicroMetrics enables the world's top international hotel brands to deliver memorable guest experiences through Helix, a multifaceted service optimization platform that powers timely and personal service recovery processes. Helix uncovers missed service opportunities in real time, empowers staff participation, and draws actionable insights to improve operating efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance guest experience metrics.

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