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External Article29 June 2018

Why Personalization Is the Future of Hotel E-Commerce

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Duetto Research

Personalization in the hotel industry has ceased to be a trend. Today, it's an obligation. Back in 2015, American Express Travel reported that 83 percent of millennials would allow brands to track their habits in exchange for a more customized experience. And earlier this year, Deloitte Consulting published the white paper 'Next Gen Hotel Guests Have Checked In: The Changing Guest Experience,' which noted that "-truly knowing your guests -what they have told you, what they request, what you have learned, and what should be implied -should yield larger results."

Today's hotel industry is increasingly taking this personalization message to heart, using new technology-driven tools to help them streamline the booking process and create a more seamless guest experience. When potential guests are shopping on a hotel's website, there's a clear opportunity before a booking is made for properties to demonstrate the acute attention they've paid to individual guests' preferences. This is accomplished by using website personalization technology, allowing hotels to automatically and intuitively suggest particular room categories, package types, and even rates tailored to each user's expectations.

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