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External Article 2 July 2018

Rethinking Travel Marketing for an Era of Infinite Customer Touchpoints - skift

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Today, nearly everything in this ever-expanding omnichannel travel environment is a new opportunity to connect with customers. It's not only social media and mobile devices that are expanding the landscape. The reality is that screens and customer touch points are showing up everywhere: in hotel rooms, on airplanes and at airports, on smart watches, and even on slot machines. Each of these emerging channels represents a "blank canvas" where travel brands can engage with travelers and help them along on their journey.

Yet too many travel businesses are not currently set up to support this evolution. Instead, they are stuck using legacy methods of building marketing campaigns around specific channels or devices. In fact, when a brand develops a channel-specific campaign without integrating it with other efforts, they miss the chance to create the type of holistic, seamless experiences that are essential to meet the expectations of today's consumers.

To escape this trap, travel providers need to rethink how they design, execute and measure campaigns. Rather than asking "What is the right channel for our campaign?," they should instead ask themselves, "What isn't a channel for our campaign?" More than likely, the answer is very little.

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