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Press Release 3 August 2018

American Glamping Association Launches this Summer

Glamping Goes Mainstream with the First U.S. Professional Organization

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Bozeman, MT -- Launching just in time for summer, the American Glamping Association is excited to announce its official formation. Spearheaded by Under Canvas CEO Sarah Dusek and Co-Founder & CSO of Glamping Hub Ruben Martinez, the American Glamping Association will establish and create professional industry standards and ratings across the growing U.S. travel category of glamping--short for glamorous camping-- leading to exceptional experiences for the consumer.


The goal of the American Glamping Association is to set standards that increase the level of professionalism and provide travel enthusiasts with more knowledge, thus eliminating unmet consumer expectations. "There is a lack of clarity for the consumer about what glamping is. We are simply starting the conversation and encouraging all the major players in the glamping community to join the association," says Dusek. "We want to build and grow the industry together."

Glamping has been around since 19th-Century African wildlife safaris, but has since exploded, bringing a wave of new destinations, accommodations and price points. For travelers, the ease of glamping provides convenient access to the great outdoors without the hassle of setting up a tent or sleeping on the ground. With millennials at the forefront, the tourism industry has seen a rise in experiential travel as consumers are craving newer and more unique experiences. The American Glamping Association will strive to educate travelers on glamping by providing clarity and discernment because price isn't always the only indicator. "We hope to help prepare people better and potentially set them up for a great experience and opening the door to more consumers giving the experience a try." says Martinez. "Because one bad experience can potentially stop someone from ever glamping in the future, the importance for standards is crucial."

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Jessica Armstrong
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