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External Article30 August 2018

Hospitality employers’ perceptions of technology for sustainable development

The implications for graduate employability

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Hospitality organisations and higher education (HE) have significant roles as active stakeholders in sustaining a transformation towards sustainable development (SD) both in academic landscape and at an extensive policy level. The dynamic revolution in our society and an uplifted perspective of sustainability require contemporary, cross-disciplinary and flexible competences in sustainability related knowledge. Students are increasingly tapping onto digital tools for their learning, hence this should stimulate a contribution to SD and be involved purposively with sustainability intent.

In addition, for the HE sector to add value to employability and to society in a wider context, it is essential for educators to have an in-depth understanding of these key stakeholder needs, particularly employers, inform and enhance the hospitality curriculum. SD is one of the competencies identified by employers needed to meet the increasing demand for higher-level skills. The embodiment of SD into the hospitality education is gaining traction and current research are looking into the business aspect of SD, in terms of hospitality education and curriculum design. Technology is also a graduate competency required by employers. However, there has been limited academic analysis into the industry. As the nature of technology and the understanding of SD changing continuously, it is important to understand how employers view the employability value of these interdisciplinary subjects.

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