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External Article14 September 2018

Online Reputation Management 101: What Businesses Need to Know

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MDG Advertising

It's time to get serious about managing your brand's reputation online.


When done well, online reputation management (ORM) can be a huge boom for businesses, leading to increased interest, stronger loyalty from consumers, and significant boosts in everything from in-store visits to purchases. When not dealt with properly it can suppress demand for products/services and directly impact revenue.

Why is online reputation management more important than ever today? What exactly is ORM? How can you begin to approach it effectively?

MDG Advertising's newly updated infographic, Online Reputation Management 101: What Businesses Need to Know, answers these questions. We cover the specifics of what online reputation management is, which platforms matter most, why doing it properly is so vital, and how to get started.

Check out the infographic to learn the key things every business should know about ORM.

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