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External Article18 October 2018

Could The Hotelier Coin Be The Answer To Revamping The Hospitality Industry?

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What if a hotel you had booked knew whether you liked a glass of red wine, knew your preference for a particular beer or if you had a liking for a cream tea without having to talk to them, and all through a digital profile?

Well, that may soon become a reality.

Meet Rana Mukherji, the founder and CEO of Hotelier Coin, a new decentralised platform using the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts to simplify the hotel booking process.

Through the blockchain, Hotelier Coin intends to create a digital revolution by enabling all users to sell and trade bulk room nights like a commodity for the first time. Through its borderless hotel currency, the HTL token, investors will trade branded and unbranded hotel rooms via the platform's secondary marketplace with an ask and bid process, the Hotelier Coin decentralized exchange (DEX).

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