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External Article23 October 2018

Your brand is no longer protected on Google Ads. This is how it will affect your AdWords (Google Ads)

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A few days ago, Google informed users that it will change the brand-protection policy on its text adverts on Google Ads (what used to be known as AdWords), something which Simone Puerto previously wrote in his post. In practice, it means that any distributor can use the brand name with the same conditions as you.

Let's remember what that protection meant:

  • Only brand owners could use it in the title or descriptive text on ads.
  • Anyone, however, could use it in the advert's visible URL.
  • Anyone, also, could bid for it as a search keyword, including your competition.

An ad like this could appear after a user had searched for 'Hilton Amsterdam' if NH bid for the keyword 'Hilton'. 'Hilton' would not appear in the title or description but there was nothing stopping NH to put their ad in those search results.

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