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External Article23 October 2018

5 Ways to Retain Staff in the Hospitality Industry

Ways to stabilize employment, improve retention, and increase customer satisfaction and profitability

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Industries, in general, are suffering from a massive undersupply of a qualified, engaged and motivated workforce. The challenge is and always will start with recruitment. Finding the right person for the right job. Plain and simple.


Employee retention is a critical industry issue. Yet, sadly, most owners and business operators feel powerless to stop the incredible amount of industry turnover.

Some tips on - How to stabilize employment, improve retention, and increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Recognize People Will Leave

Younger people who are not career-minded are sure to leave. Chances are this is a job they're doing while in college pursuing another career path. Plus, a restaurant job is easily transferable elsewhere. Many jobs are highly substitutable: If one is unhappy at one restaurant, they can get a different job down the street at another. This is particularly true of entry-level jobs that do not carry a lot of benefits with them.

Hence, the key is to sift through their resume and evaluate their commitment before hiring them.

Flexibility Goes a Long Way

This is especially important in the housekeeping department. We all know that this is the roughest job physically, so it's more important to be flexible for the times these folks work. Don't force them to work straight shifts 8 am to 4 pm, for example. If they can't do those hours let them start earlier or later. Chances are it will not affect restaurant operations and they'll be more likely to stick with the job.

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