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Softscribe Inc., a leading hotel tech PR firm, shows how hoteliers can blend technology and an authentic guest experience to increase loyalty among Millennials, Baby Boomers and Business Travelers.

"'What do Millennials want?' is top-of-mind for hoteliers who want to create loyalty and repeat business with that segment," said Julie Keyser Squires, Softscribe Inc. CEO. "But there are two other equally important traveler types: Baby Boomers and the Business Travel market."

Squires noted that while an estimated 83.5 million Millennials are the largest generation in the United States, second to 76 million American Baby Boomers, there were 462 million U.S. domestic business trips in 2017.

Millennials, Baby Boomers, Business Travelers Use Tech Differently.

"Each of these demographics uses technology differently," said Squires. "Millennials want an authentic experience, and they seem to be going retro. They like Polaroid cameras and are turning off their phones. Baby Boomers want a place to land that meets their needs, not an experience. And Business Travelers want quick service, comfort and a fast in-and-out instead of face-to-face service. They want to go straight to their rooms."

How are hoteliers meeting this demographic challenge? For answers, Softscribe Inc. turned to some of its best-in-class technology clients and their customers.

Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Business Travelers all value being recognized and having their preferences known before check-in. "Maestro's Loyalty System is at the heart of our EveryStay program. Our agents use Maestro PMS to identify preferences including room types, food and beverage favorites, and special requests to make their stay more enjoyable. Our success is based on recognizing each guest, providing the experience they value, and rewarding their loyalty."
- Mike Robertson, Marketing Manager for Rodd Hotels & Resorts.

"Our management style is performance-driven. We look at guest feedback, revenue, and expense trends every day. We set specific goals through budgeting, market share strategies, and guest experience initiatives for each key result area. Aptech's PVNG accounting system and Execuvue allow us the opportunity to optimize performance and maximize profitability."
- Ed Ghanami, president of Panache Management, LLC.

"A growing number of properties are implementing mobile access guest room locking systems and the apps that support them. Mobile access integrates the lock process with numerous property and chain departments. Mobile access door locks play an important role in chain marketing, loyalty programs, and the overall guest experience. The original purpose of improving guest door locks was exclusively loss prevention and security. Today, mobile access expands the door lock role to include enhancing the guest experience, hotel marketing, and loyalty program participation."
- Alastair Cush, former Head of Lodging Global Business Development for dormakaba. Currently Senior Vice President Skyfold, dormakaba Group

"At most hotels, air conditioning or heating is the first issue guests complain about. Honeywell delivers a perfect guest experience at our property. We installed Honeywell's INNCOM INNcontrol3 solution suite and Deep Mesh Network specifically to monitor guestroom environmental equipment to enable optimum performance and an ideal guest experience. INNCOM continuously measures and records performance of each room's heating and air conditioning unit and fan output. I rely on INNcontrol3 every day. With Honeywell I know more about what is happening in a guestroom environment than our guests, and this really helps our guest satisfaction scores."
- Wes Shirley, Director of Engineering, Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead.

"The Aloft Dublin-Pleasanton's guests are mostly tech-savvy millennials who understand and enjoy using our new technology. In our rooms guests can simply ask Alexa to change the temperature in the INNCOM by Honeywell e7 Thermostat settings without having to get out of bed. This technology sets our property apart from the competition by providing cutting edge experiences for travelers. We picked Honeywell for its robust integration capabilities with other software, its energy savings, and because the e7 Thermostat's flat panel controls are perfect for the exceptional Aloft guest experience we wanted to create."
- Rupesh Patel, president of Zenique Hotels.

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"Just how many Millennials are there?"
"Baby Boomers"
"Number of domestic business and leisure trips in the United States from 2008 to 2022"

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