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TrustYou’s New Live Chat Helps Hotels Turn Website Visitors Into Direct Bookings

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TrustYou, the worlds largest guest feedback platform, today announced the launch of its new live chat channel that is part of its well-established Guest Messaging tool. The easy-to-integrate live chat enables hotels to respond to booking inquiries in real time and turn more website visitors into direct bookings with enhanced customer service opportunities. With this development, TrustYou responds to the increasing demand for instant real-time service requests from travelers before and during their stay.


The sophisticated live chat brings a variety of benefits to hotels:

  • As a booking channel: Fast replying to booking inquiries to help website visitors make a confident buying decision through a hotels IBE
  • As an on-site communication channel: Creating positive guest experiences through a WiFi page, or standalone web page, for guests to get informed and fix issues when they occur
  • As an internal task manager: Optimizing staff operations by seamlessly turning requests into assigned tasks

TrustYous live chat solution does not require a complex or expensive setup, nor does it imply an extensive training for the hotel staff. All incoming messages are displayed and can be handled within the same inbox used for email, SMS, and social messenger. Implementation is complete by copying a few single lines of code on the hotel website.

"Live chat opens up a completely new opportunity for hotels to speak to travelers and guests before and during their stay", adds Benjamin Jost, CEO of TrustYou. "We can help to turn more website visitors into bookings, enhance customer satisfaction which results in more positive reviews. In many cases, travelers have additional questions, concerns, or requests. Being able to connect with a member of the hotel staff, and getting all the desired information in real time decreases the chances of browsing other websites and increases direct bookings and thus revenue."

Live chat can be used as a single product in the form of a Messaging Basic license, and newly integrates with many of the major PMS platforms. Find the full list of available integrations on our website.

Find more information on the new live chat feature here or sign up for a free 14-day-trial.


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