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External Article 3 December 2018

Why Those Teeny Bottles Of Hotel Shampoo Might Become Obsolete

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More and more hotels are using refillable containers for bathroom amenities to reduce their use of plastics

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The folks in charge at the Prince George Hotel in Halifax identified the best way to tackle single-use plastics at the business years ago. They got rid of those little plastic bottles in the bathrooms.

"Those are the small plastic containers the shampoo, the mouthwash, the conditioner, the hand cream, any number of things that our guests will expect to have for their room while they stay with us," said general manager Scott Travis.

The problem was finding a replacement that guests would accept as offering the same level of class, comfort and convenience.

The hotel solved the problem by providing amenities in bulk, allowing shampoo and conditioner to be squeezed from reusable and refillable pumps in the shower.

Travis wasn't at the helm when the change was made at the Prince George, but he heard about the response.

"To be honest, the staff took a bit of grief in the beginning because a lot of people didn't think it was high-end enough," he said. "They weren't prepared to leave behind the comforts of home and they wanted an individual shampoo and an individual container."

Going bulk costs more

The hotel stuck to its new policy even though Travis said the plastic bottles are so inexpensive it actually makes less sense economically to go bulk.

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