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External Article 4 December 2018

Technology Trends Of The Hotels Of The Future

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Back in 2008, when we talked about the hotel of the future, we dreamt about "smart bathrooms, toilets functioning both as a toilet and bidet with in-built washing and drying, windows able to show news reports, and armchairs that vibrate to the rhythm of the music. It doesn't sound bad, but our future vision today, ten years later, is much more ambitious and so are the technology trends.

Robots to assist us in every day chores, biometrics, using a mobile as a key and to enjoy and personalize services ... are some of the things that we are starting to see. However today the most promising technology trends of the digital revolution in the tourism sector are here:

The power of the mobile

Mobile management systems that give client control of all aspects of their stay: checking in and checking out online, home automation, hotel services, suites with voice control technology; hotels with built-in artificial intelligence, software designed exclusively to work with voice assistants...


Robotic personnel that work as room service, delivering luggage and other items, serving drinks, or providing information to customers. They are already being tested by several hotel chains, but their real value has yet to be seen. Future will tell whether they will become indispensable "workers" in hotels or not.

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