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Supplier News10 December 2018

In the realm of HR, 2019 will see an uptick in employee engagement strategies

Excerpt from Beekeeper's Hospitality Industry Trends For 2019

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In the realm of HR, we'll continue to see an uptick in employee engagement strategies. While on the surface things like perk programs or daycare come to mind, the trends will also point to more practical functions like payroll and scheduling. The reason for this trend is obvious: when basic HR functions are digitally integrated, employees can spend less time focusing on personal logistics and more time on guests. Hosting digital interconnectedness within in a robust, well-design multimedia forum is a surefire path to employee satisfaction.


Reevaluating Payroll and Scheduling

Thanks to the slow demise of payday lenders and other high-cost cash advance services, many companies, especially those with large hourly workforces, will be looking for ways to digitally deploy earned wages on demand in 2019. Just like the HR software integrations mentioned above, organizations will build payroll software directly into their digital workplace hub so employees and managers can quickly access pay stubs, tax forms, check deployment, and any other task involving compensation.

Similarly, the use of digitized scheduling will also increase in the coming year. Using digital and mobile scheduling services saves time, minimizes confusion, and makes it easy for employees to request time off or swap shifts. Being able to access schedules on demand and on-the-go leads to more agile, efficient, and productive team communication.

A New Chapter for HR Technology

As the future of work continues to crystalize for the non-desk workforce, the evolution of HR tools will play a crucial role in maintaining employee engagement and satisfaction amidst rapid changes to many industries. While more processes and workflows may be automated or redistributed, the basic human need to feel connected and fulfilled at work will remain an evergreen priority for employees and managers on the front lines.

AI Preparation and Trainings

You already know we're big on workforce digitization around here, and from the looks of it, there are no signs that this trend will be slowing down in the coming year. The continued rise of predictive analytics and automation technologies will further catapult productivity to new heights, especially for non-desk workers. In particular, 2019 will be a big year for streamlining operations and communications in one virtual space, giving employees quick and easy access to all the tools they need to succeed. Bonus points if this digital hub is accessible from any device, particularly their own.

As artificial intelligence takes on more company tasks, it will also be up to HR departments in 2019 to both ensure that their workforce is properly trained up on the new tech, as well as finding ways to expand or elevate current roles that will be taken on by automated tools. With proper training programs in place, building a successful digital workplace becomes an intuitive tenant of company culture.

Corporate Well-Being Programs

In our hyperconnected world, it's no secret that burnout is a real issue. In fact, Harvard Business Review reports that nearly 50% of employees report frequent or constant exhaustion due to the high stress levels, physical demands, and social isolation of work. A recent study cited a national revenue loss to the tune of $30 billion thanks to stress-induced lost work days. The antidote? Taking an active role in the well-being of your workforce.