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Supplier News 5 December 2018

The Hotels Network partners with to help hotels increase direct bookings with the Conversion Booster

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The Hotels Network

The Hotels Network, an innovative technology company who pioneered the concept of Predictive Personalization, has signed a strategic partnership with, the leading provider of booking solutions in the Netherlands.

With this new alliance, customers of can now choose to implement the Conversion Booster, powered by The Hotels Network. This fully customizable tool enables hotel brands to increase their direct bookings by removing any friction from the booking process and improving the user experience. By showing personalized messages and offers to each user as well as inspiring trust by aggregating content such as positive online review scores, website conversion is increased by an average of 32%. In addition, hoteliers are able to launch campaigns with multiple messages and optimize performance using multivariate or A/B testing directly within the tool.

To analyze the effectiveness of the Conversion Booster, the Hotels Network recently ran an A/B test with Papagayo Beach Resort Curaçao, a client of The results showed that adding the layer of personalization tools to the brand's website increased direct bookings by 55%.

Juanjo Rodriguez, CEO of The Hotels Network, commented, "Today, personalization is a clear priority for the CEOs of the world's leading hotel brands, and it should be the case for all hotels. By leveraging our unique targeting system to dynamically display hyper-relevant content, I am confident that clients using the Conversion Booster will see their revenue soar."

Patrick Brand, Co-founder of, added, "We have been very impressed with the ease of implementation of the tool and the immediate positive results seen in the A/B test. We are delighted to include this valuable new service in our product portfolio and look forward to rolling it out with both our new and existing customers."


Established in 2005, is one of the first large travel e-commerce companies in The Netherlands. offers a variety of services, such as developing responsive hotel websites and providing booking software and marketing services. Their goal is to help hotels to receive more direct and commission-free bookings, and to ultimately achieve better results.

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About The Hotels Network

Working with over 5,000 hotels worldwide, The Hotels Network offers clients a full-stack growth platform to power their direct channel. By leveraging a series of integrated tools and analytics, hotel brands can attract, convert and engage guests throughout the user journey. In addition to price comparison, reviews summary and advanced personalization options, the company's latest product, Oraculo, is the world's first predictive algorithm for hotels.

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Fiona Gillen
VP Marketing
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