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Press Release13 December 2018

ASFONA Reconfirms its Strategy as an Independent, Non-Brand Affiliated Hotel Owner/Operator Association

ASFONA Owner Board Meeting reconfirms the association’s newly independent stature comprising input from all major international hotel companies, their owners and franchisees

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Philadelphia -- The announcement earlier this year of ASFONA's "Diversification Strategy" has seen the organization branch out and incorporate additional international hotel companies into their meetings, as well as continuing to assist Marriott International with the successful integration of the "Starwood Legacy Brands" into the Marriott portfolio.


At the November 29-30 ASFONA Board of Directors meeting, held at the Warwick Hotel - Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, the association's newly independent stature was re-stated and attendees informed of how positively the new strategy had been received by the hotel industry. The ASFONA Board of Directors now, in addition to Marriott International, also interacts with other international hotel companies who will be individually and separately invited to join future Owner Board Meetings and General Sessions. The overall goal associated with this new strategy is for ASFONA to establish a line of communication with all leading hotel companies and to create conduits to engage, align and strengthen the relationships between selected hotel brands and key hotel owner/operators in North America.

The implementation of ASFONA's Diversification Strategy began at the Spring 2018 Board of Directors Meeting in Washington D.C., which provided the opportunity for Virgin Hotels CEO, Raul Leal and his executive management team to join the group and present the Virgin Hotels brands, along with their positioning and development opportunities to the ASFONA Owner Board members and Associate members in attendance.

At the recent Philadelphia meeting, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts became the second major international hotel company to join the ASFONA group meeting and members of its executive management team gave a comprehensive overview of the 20 brands within Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, along with an update on their development pipeline and performance. With their recent acquisitions, which included La Quinta Inns, The Wyndham hotel portfolio now comprises 9,000 properties in 80 countries around the world with 400 under direct management, making it the world's largest hotel franchising company.

"Wyndham Hotels CEO Geoff Ballotti has led this company to become a truly dynamic organization and ASFONA was honored to welcome some of his executive management team to our Philadelphia meeting," said John Shingler, ASFONA's President. "We greatly enjoyed learning more about this exciting hotel organization and its brands. Going forward, we are equally excited about the opportunity to welcome additional international hotel groups to be our guests at our meetings, providing them with a forum to discuss industry issues of mutual interest and align these interests of the hotel owner/operator community with their respective brands."

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ASFONA is an independent non-brand affiliated hotel owner/operator association, whose purpose is to independently and informally represent investors, owners and management companies in developing relationships and communicating pertinent business interests to the major international hotel companies. For more information, please visit

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