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Press Release11 January 2019

What’s So Innovative About Europe?

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The European hospitality sector is bringing its services up to date and rethinking the core of its offer. Its unique goal: to anticipate and meet the expectations of the customers. Skift decodes this innovative momentum in its "European Hospitality's Creative Renaissance" report, created in partnership with AccorHotels.


When it comes to innovation, says Gaurav Bhushan, global chief development officer at AccorHotels, European hospitality has centered on refreshing a few essential offerings. "While there's innovation going on all over the world, where we have had particular success in Europe is in reinventing the core offer, which is focusing on design and employing food and beverage in creative ways."

Associate professor of International Hospitality Management at University College of Northern Denmark in Aalborg, Anders Justenlund adds, "Europe has always had a higher percentage of independent hotels than other markets, partially due to geography. We have more countries, more cultures, and we don't want the same things."

Hence, the phenomenon of in-country chains, which Justenlund prefers to describe as "hotel groups looking to do things differently." Examples of such groups include Jaz in the City and CitizenM, which started in The Netherlands, Mama Shelter, which sprang up in France, 25hours Hotels from Germany, and Generator Hostels in England.

Another reason Europe is ripe for new concepts is because it is, well, ripe. According to Bhushan, "Europe is a great market for niche hotels because it's such a mature market. In a well-developed market, where the basics are taken for granted and the market is more sophisticated, you have to provide different experiences to meet guest expectations at all levels."

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