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External Article 6 March 2019

The Best Hotel Brands For Dog Owners

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I recently covered how dog owners could leave Fido (or in my case, Hopi) in good, personalized care while traveling abroad. For those who don't have a dogsitter lined up, want a companion, or just consider their dog a family member, there are now thousands of hotels, and even entire chains, which allow, welcome, and, in some cases, highlight their affinity for dogs.

It's a welcome trend. Of the 128 million households in the US, over two-thirds, or nearly 90 million, own dogs. Of the top 15 cities in the United States, the average number of hotels welcoming dogs is nearly 250. It's also easier than ever to find these options. Online sources such as Bring Fido,, Petswelcome, and TripswithPets cull through the options for you. In addition, BringFido's app is a handy tool for while you're actually on the road. Of course, all bookings should reasonably be subject to a phone call well ahead of time to ensure availability of specific pet-friendly rooms.

Even luxury brands such as the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons can be surprisingly welcoming, though often with cleaning fees or weight restrictions. Business hotels and prominent chains such as Marriott's Sheraton, Aloft, and Westin, or Wyndham's La Quinta regularly allow dogs. Their coverage across the entire continental US and Canada ensures that almost any road trip can be put together with the assurance that bringing the dog along doesn't mean you have to compromise on comfort.

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