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External Article26 March 2019

Co-Living and Co-Working Are Gimmicks, Declares 25hours Hotels CEO

What’s most interesting about this boutique lifestyle hotel brand is its willingness to take risks and to continually experiment, but not if that means following the pack.

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You might think that the co-founder of a lifestyle hotel brand like 25hours might embrace emerging hospitality concepts such as homesharing, co-living, and co-working.

But for Christoph Hoffman, CEO of Hamburg-based 25hours Hotels — even though those ideas might be dominating chatter among investors and developers — there's a danger in everyone chasing the same trends.

"Everybody's jumping on the same train, and it becomes, to me, funny and maybe also dangerous in some areas, because too many people are doing the same thing," Hoffman said. "Then it repeats itself and everyone has the same kind of product."

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25hours is a dynamic hotel concept which seeks contemporary answers to the requirements of an urban, cosmopolitan target group. With its head office in Hamburg, the 25hours Hotel Company (spring 2014) operates seven hotels in five major European cities - Hamburg, Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich and Berlin.
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