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Press Release12 April 2019

Take a Quantum Leap: the Healing Summit Unveils Full Agenda

Descendents of Rockefeller, Kennedy to outline their visions of a society committed to healing

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Healing Summit 2019

Cologne, Germany -- The Healing Summit, an initiative created by the Healing Hotels of the World, has announced an agenda full of world-class speakers for the 2019 conference, set to take place 6-7 May at the Pine Cliffs Resort in Portugal.


With a theme this year of 'Take a Quantum Leap', the Summit provides a space where individuals and businesses meet to debate, discuss and learn from their collective wisdom, with the aim of creating a global community of influencers who commit to doing good.

Speakers at this year's event include Adam Rockefeller Growald, member of the Board of Trustees of the Rockefeller Family Fund; Stephen Kennedy Smith, investor, entrepreneur, and editor of 'JFK - A Vision for America'; Heidi Kuhn, former CNN Reporter and Founder and CEO of Roots of Peace; Sarah Livia Brightwood, president of destination spa and resort Rancho la Puerta; and Kosovo-born actress Arta Doboshi.

Speakers will share their holistic perspectives on a society committed to healing in all aspects of life - both personal and professional.

"As a human family, more and more we are acknowledging the need for a fundamental shift in our awareness from individualism to a sense of unity with everyone else," says Anne Biging, Co-Founder of Healing Hotels of the World and the Healing Summit. "At the Healing Summit, people with a vision, passion and drive to create a world of tomorrow - which is asking for new solutions beyond that which we know - will gather to explore what it means to take a quantum leap with people at the forefront of this movement."

Adam Rockefeller Growald is an investor, philosopher and philanthropist and a fifth- generation descendant of business magnate and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller. His keynote at the Summit will outline his vision of what a new society and economy could look like - one where individuals are empowered, communities are connected, and ecosystems are balanced and thriving.

Stephen Kennedy Smith will discuss the 'Quantum Leap of Mankind', and the future of society and human development. A lecturer at the Sloan school of Management in the visionary investing program, Kennedy Smith is also a fellow at the Connection Science Group at MIT and the Principal at Park Agency - Joseph P. Kennedy Enterprises, the Kennedy family office.

Other topics at the Summit include insights into a healing lifestyle, sustainable practices, blockchain technology, charitable projects, and the shifting paradigms of business rooted in a conscious economy.

"The Healing Summit is one of the most innovative events in the hospitality industry and beyond, bringing together business leaders from all parts of the planet," says Elisabeth

Ixmeier, Co-Founder of Healing Hotels of the World and the Healing Summit. "As we change, so does the world. It's an exciting time, and attendees will be able to take a quantum leap towards new methods of doing business, engaging with others, learning and creating unique collaborations between one another, based on a new understanding of a true healing human society."

About the Healing Summit

The HEALING SUMMIT 2019 - TAKING A QUANTUM LEAP, is an initiative of Healing Hotels of the World which takes place 6-7 May at the Pine Cliffs Resort in Albufeira, Portugal. This unique conference serves as a platform for professionals striving for a holistic approach to life and business, with the aim to create a global community of influencers who commit to doing good. An annual event since 2014, the Healing Summit embraces all topics that are inherent to the worldwide brand Healing Hotels of the World.

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About Healing Hotels of the World

Healing Hotels of the World is a global brand with more than 100 hotels and resorts worldwide committed to healing. It was founded by Anne Biging and Elisabeth Ixmeier in 2006 to promote the extraordinary potential these hotels and resorts offer to change the lives of their guests for the better. As hubs of a holistic lifestyle, Healing Hotels are comprised of passionate advocates for all facets of this lifelong and enriching endeavor.

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