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External Article21 May 2019

Hyperloop: Ushering In The 4th Dimension Of Travel

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Hard to believe but the precursor of what we know today as the "Hyperloop"—the idea of transporting goods and passengers through low-pressure pneumatic tubes—dates back to the 18th century. It bounced back into the limelight in 2013, thanks to the Alpha paper published by Elon Musk. Christened 'Hyperloop', Musk's concept involved transporting people and goods in a capsule that, driven by linear induction accelerators, hurtled at close to supersonic speeds through a nearly vacuumless cylindrical tube.

Today, the march towards commercializing this 4th dimension of travel is in top gear thanks to Musk and Space X making the Hyperloop an open source concept. Over 10 companies are actively developing their Hyperloop capabilities, building prototypes, and conducting tests. While most are based in the US, companies from Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, and India are also in the fray.

Among the more prominent players in this nascent market are Virgin Hyperloop One, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), Transpod, Hardt Global Mobility, Zeleros, HyperChariot, Hyper Poland and Euroloop. In May 2017, Virgin Hyperloop One became the first company in the world to conduct a full scale test of a Hyperloop system. Conducted at the company's Devloop facility in Las Vegas, the test included all Hyperloop components including vacuum tubes, propulsion, levitation, sled and control systems.

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