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External Article23 May 2019

The Story Behind the Color Choices of Luxury Hotel Logos

When it comes to designing logos, luxury brands are generally risk-averse. That’s even the case in the hospitality industry, where brands are always trying to promote their singularity. The names may change, but the colors stay the same.

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What is the color of luxury? If you assess the answer by looking at the logos of luxury fashion houses, the answer is literally black and white. Chanel and Prada and Dolce & Gabbana and nearly all the others sport black type against a white background.

"Black is a symbol of power. With its diametric partner in crime, white, black stands for sophistication, weight, and seriousness. Black is timeless and effortlessly stylish. Think the little black dress," said Brian Lischer, founder and CEO of branding agency Ignyte,

However, when you look into the world of luxury hotel brands, the color palette broadens just a tad. High-end hotels that venture into the spectrum frequently use gold or blue either as an accent or as a primary color. The reason for these choices becomes apparent when one digs into the world of color analysis.

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