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Supplier News19 June 2019

Hotel Staff Overcome Language Barriers and Enforce Incidental Policies Using Connect Staff by Monscierge

Monscierge customers find the new photos and images feature recently launched in the Connect Staff app both improves communications and helps collect incurred fees.

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Hospitality technology firm Monscierge launched a new photos and images feature within their Connect Staff application last month and clients have found great success using the new tools for a number of tasks. Two most notable uses are overcoming language barriers between hotel members of staff and collecting penalty fees garnered by guests opting to smoke in non-smoking rooms.

Monscierge client Hilton Belfast City initially introduced their teams to the new photos features in Connect Staff as a housekeeping tool that quickly communicates issues to the maintenance departments, ultimately turning over rooms faster. Leaky faucets, damaged furniture and HVAC issues are examples of images reported, however the front-of-house using images to collect on incidentals has proven to be most beneficial. By combining images of a room with incurred fees with the guest room policies signed by guests during check-in, Hilton Belfast City now has an easier process to more readily service their guest rooms.

"The system proved very easy to use with minimal impact on our operations to get trained and operational. Training took one hour and the team felt confident right away," said Charlotte Crenn, Front Office Manager at the Hilton Belfast City. "They continually bring more product updates and our teams are excited about using the new photo capability of logging jobs and bringing more efficiency to operations. Monscierge have really taken the time to understand how our hotel operates and how this technology can be best explored to facilitate the hotel operations."

Monscierge previously reported how the Connect platform's low impact deployment process yielded immediate improvements in labor. Analytics from one-hundred properties showed that within six months, hotels' average guest satisfaction scores had increased by 5 points over the control group who hadn't deployed the product. Furthermore, the usage data generated by Connect Staff across these properties showed a clear correlation between lower incidences of guest complaints and refunds when product engagement was highest.

"One of the things that differentiates Monscierge from competitors is we offer a comprehensive platform. So, where we might have a competitor for each custom feature - SMS, Mobile, Digital Signage and staff workflow solutions I feel no competitor has the business data and analytical insights we now have access to via the platform," says Christy Doherty, VP Global Sales, Monscierge. "This means we can make impactful, real-time decisions and adjustments at an associate, departmental, hotel, regional and brand level. In today's data-driven hospitality world, the ability to access, analyze and apply this sort of data is critical for organizations to compete successfully."

To find out more go to or visit Hitec Minneapolis booth #607 and #3338.

Monscierge is a global software company specializing in innovative hospitality solutions for properties, owners and brands. Monscierge has built a powerful, scalable platform that powers their expansive product line, Connect, to help enhance communications and relationships between hotel guest and staff through mobile, tablet, large-format touch-screen devices, and the central web-based platform that manages content. With installations in over 60 countries and multilingual capabilities, Monscierge is dedicated to improving guest experiences and hotel staff efficiency throughout all hospitality service tiers.

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