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External Article13 August 2019

Why Choice Hotels is giving its technology team a seat at the table

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Robert McDowell, chief commercial officer of Choice Hotels, explains why he's making sure the company's technology team has a seat at the table — and not just to fulfill business requests or resolve tickets. 

Travelers have more places to stay than ever before, and more avenues through which to book. While Choice Hotels is one of the world's largest hotel chains with over 7,000 properties, we must constantly differentiate ourselves to stay ahead of the competition by providing seamless customer experiences.

With so many options for shoppers to consider, every brand needs to do more than simply keep pace with customers and competitors. Your company must be in the places and on the platforms your shoppers are headed next. Whether you're a travel company or not, versatility matters. And the only way to stay versatile is by embracing new technologies.

That's why the foundation of Choice Hotels' customer experience is built at the intersection of hospitality, franchising, and tech. Our roots are in lodging, but we behave more like a technology company. And if an 80-year-old company can embrace technology to better deliver on customer needs, you can too. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you build for the future.

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