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External Article18 September 2019

Why Today's Super-Informed Traveler Is So Damn Hard To Please

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The 21st century traveler is a different animal than the one moving around the planet only a quarter century ago. Imagine telling someone in 1995 that vacations would be planned around staying in a stranger's apartment rather than a hotel, or that passengers would get out of cabs without handing the driver cash, or that people would ask robots for restaurant choices, flight options and directions.

Today's consumers have more information at their fingertips, day and night, than most travel agents had in the 1990s. It shouldn't be surprising that these super-informed travelers are unwilling to put up with 20th century inefficiencies and limitations when making reservations, picking up rental cars, checking into hotels, or boarding flights. With so many options, so much flexibility, and increasingly high expectations, they're harder to please and always wondering what else a provider can offer.

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