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External Article21 October 2019

Accor CEO to Doubters in Asia: Our Brand-Heavy Strategy Is Working

Having more brands when cheap money is chasing real estate is good for Accor, but may not be for its hotel owners, especially in Asia, who surely are hoping that in time it won’t be a case of too many Accor hotels chasing too few hotel guests.

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Here's a quick test: Which global hotel chain has the most number of brands?

Most people would probably say Marriott International after it acquired Starwood Hotels & Resorts. But Accor actually has more brands than Marriott today, thanks to its acquisitive chairman and CEO Sébastien Bazin, who has also encouraged the birth of new Accor brands, the latest being Greet and Tribe.

Marriott has 30 brands and Accor, 39, excluding non-hotel acquisitions such as John Paul, D-edge, and Wojo.

And in current uncertain macroeconomics and geopolitical conditions, Accor says it's in a sweet spot to expand as cheap money chases real estate assets that need brands plastered across buildings.

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