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External Article 4 November 2019

Can a Fast-Growing Oyo Patch Up the Early Cracks?

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It's raining doubts on Oyo Hotels & Homes, a far cry from the awe that was poured on its founder and CEO Ritesh Agarwal when he came in six years ago brandishing the simple belief that "everyone deserves a beautiful living space." Can Oyo fix its apparent shortfalls?

Not a month goes by now without another negative report on Oyo, including an in-depth piece below by Skift Executive Editor Dennis Schaal, who exposed the hardships some owners in the United States face since signing on with the chain.

What's more, a damning report last week by Nikkei Asian Review on how a massive shortfall in Oyo's expansion goal in Japan has snowballed into a nasty labor dispute reflects the toxic mix and the price Oyo is paying for pursuing superfast growth.

Cracks in the model have appeared. Can they be patched?

Read the full article at skift Inc.

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