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External Article21 November 2019

Brand Business - Lindsay Nelson of TripAdvisor

For our November theme, PhocusWire talks to marketing chiefs on the challenges of their roles and the impact of technology and data on travel marketing.

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Lindsay Nelson joined TripAdvisor in October 2018 in the new position of president of core experience - overseeing brand, consumer user experience and revenue-generating products and features - after four years at Vox Media.

Q: Your role at TripAdvisor combines the duties of the chief marketing officer, chief product officer and chief commercial officer - what are the pros and cons of combining those responsibilities in one position?

While it can be exhausting to wear three hats, the payoff and benefit is that I am able to connect our user experience and our brand strategy with new approaches to monetizing TripAdvisor's influence. The more these three pillars are aligned, the faster and higher we fly as a business.

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