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External Article13 March 2020

Rock Bottom Airfares Pop Up And Millennials Keep Flying As Travel Trends Change Due To Virus

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Top executives of the big three U.S. airlines say lower fares will not overcome potential passengers' fear of coronavirus. But that doesn't mean fares won't fall as a result of the travel crisis the disease has created. Nor does it mean that everybody is staying home.

In fact, ridiculously low fares seem to pop up frequently. For instance, several carriers are offering round-trip fares from San Francisco to New York and Newark, departing Saturday April 18, with various return dates, for $177.

Moreover, in some segments, travel demand remains strong. For instance, American said it is seeing continued demand in its biggest hubs of Charlotte and Dallas.

And Delta President Glen Hauenstein said, "Millennials are much less impacted than people over 55, and the West Coast is more impacted than the East Coast."

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