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External Article20 March 2020

As Planet Earth Goes Into Lockdown And Our Right To Travel Removed, Here Are Some Ideas To Survive

"We’re on the brink of a new world as the old world comes to a hard stop. Fortify and brace yourself”

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I got back 11.30pm, March 15 from Penang, Malaysia, 24 hours, before the deadline when the Singapore government issues 14-day stay-home notices to "people who enter Singapore with recent travel history to ASEAN countries, Japan, Switzerland or the United Kingdom". (It comes into effect at 11.59pm tonight)

The recent spike in imported infections clearly made it necessary for the Singapore government to further lock its borders with its neighbours - the new order does not apply to land or sea crossing from Malaysia. Remember, up to 300,000 Malaysians enter by land to work in Singapore everyday and authorities say a different arrangement will be made. I can't imagine what.

The airport was the busiest I've seen it in recent weeks. A Swiss flight departing for Zurich was packed as travellers rush home to beat their own government's lockdowns across Europe. Immigration was full of people like me, rushing back to beat the deadline.

The minute the new restrictions hit the media, Singapore Airlines' mobile app, website and call centres were jammed. I tried for two hours to change my flight. A message to PPS Connect (the frequent flyer hotline) got the response that "sorry, all our customer service representatives are currently busy".

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