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External Article26 March 2020

5 Actions Property Managers Can Take For COVID-19

In times of crisis, the best way to be able to move quickly and act decisively is limiting the number of decision makers.

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The health and safety of employees, tenants and clients are top priorities for property managers. That means working proactively to protect against COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that is spreading across the globe, is mission-critical.


While there are still many unknowns, and the situation remains very fluid, there are several actions property managers can take to reduce risk amidst this disruption.

Develop a detailed plan

If you don't already have a detailed response plan, now is the time to create one. It's critical to formulate an actionable, specific plan that can be enacted at your buildings.

The plan can include items like identifying when a health emergency is affecting your asset, best practices for sanitation regarding a specific disease, who the decision-makers are, and an overview of what resources are available. Providing templates for communications and signage can save time and allow for decisive, effective action. Being as specific as possible is critical, as leaving room for interpretation can only lead to errors.

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