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Supplier News21 April 2020

Kennedy Training Network Announces Two New Hotel Sales Team Programs

Delivered Live Via Webcam, To Prepare For A New Sales Habitat

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Kennedy Training Network (KTN)

Hotel sales has truly been a seller's market for a very long time; 10-year veterans have never experienced selling in a recession, while veterans are out of practice at prospecting. Until recently, at most hotels the biggest challenges have been keeping up with the flood of inbound RFP's, as third-party meeting and event planning websites made it too easy to request a proposal. Smart sales leaders will wisely use the current lull in sales activity to upskill their teams for what is sure to be a buyer's market for the near future.

This week, KTN is introducing two hotel sales training programs, personally delivered live on webcam by KTN President Doug Kennedy, directly for your hotel sales team, each of whom is also asked to be on webcam. Doug is an experienced webcaster and vlogger, presenting from the KTN office studio. Rather than being a one-way "lecture-style" webcast, Doug uses activities and exercises to engage and involve your team. The two programs are:

  • Formulating Hotel Sales Habitudes For A New Sales Habitat. This program is all about shifting your mindset from "gatherer" to "sales hunter" and mastering both "process" and "personalization."
  • Advanced Sales Skills For Webcam, Video Email, And Screen Sharing. Downloading a new online meeting app and being brave enough to share a webcam for the first time is a good start, but this program shows your team how to master the use of these, and other, "tech for touch" tools.

The content of these programs can be presented as a one-time sales team experience or a series of webcam training events with "homework" being assigned between sessions. Optional one-on-one sales coaching can be packaged in with either topic, ensuring that each salesperson receives assistance having the recommended action steps become new sales habitudes.

If the pundits are right, the post-COVID-19 world is going to be all about personalization and human connections, so "touching" through "tech" will serve us well long after the current crisis.

For more pricing and delivery details, contact KTN at [email protected] or by phone (01) 954.533.9130

About Kennedy Training Network Inc.

KTN is the lodging and hospitality industry's best source for hotel training programs and supportive services in topic areas of hotel sales, catering/event sales, hotel reservations sales, and hospitality & guest service excellence. KTN President Doug Kennedy has been a fixture on the lodging and tourism conference speaking circuit for decades. Hoteliers worldwide read his monthly hotel, tourism and hospitality industry sales training articles in this publication and elsewhere. Visit or call (01) 954-533-9130.

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