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External Article 4 May 2020

Fact check: Hilton CEO shatters Trump's testing conspiracy theory while sitting beside him

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Washington (CNN) - At a White House meeting with corporate executives on Wednesday, President Donald Trump repeated his conspiratorial suggestion that the media is talking about a lack of coronavirus testing to try to damage him politically.


And then, 31 minutes later, the CEO sitting beside Trump made clear that his claim was nonsense.

Christopher Nassetta, president and CEO of the Hilton hotel company, did not confront Trump explicitly. But Nassetta communicated that more testing is essential to his company's future – thus shattering the President's absurd assertion that critical questions about the pace of testing are a mere "media trap."

Here's what happened:

Early in the White House roundtable, Trump boasted of how well he says his administration has done in supplying ventilators and masks, saying you don't even hear about these issues anymore, and about how well he claims it has done on testing. He added, "And you shouldn't be hearing about testing, but that's the last thing they can complain about, I guess."

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