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External Article 7 May 2020

Travel with your taste buds: Recipes from around the world to try during coronavirus quarantine

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Dreaming about traveling but stuck inside due to the coronavirus pandemic? You can travel with your taste buds now - without even leaving your home!


We've rounded up some recipes from around the world in order to keep your wanderlust at bay, and your belly satisfied at the same time.

Don't fear if you're out of certain ingredients. There are often replacements you can use without compromising the final outcome of the dish. (If you're looking for ways to cook in quarantine using only a limited number of ingredients, check out our story on meals with five ingredients or less and our story on meals that use items already in your pantry.)

If you're looking to fill your culinary passport, however, get ready for takeoff with the recipes below, listed in no particular order, for a kitchen-made bon voyage. Bon appétit!


Steak frites:

Grocery stores all out of chicken? Pick up some steak instead and make steak frites, which is a French dish of steak and fries.'s Parisian-Style Steak Frites recipe calls for hanger steaks, some herbs and a few other ingredients. You can either make the fries from scratch with potato, or to make things easier, pick up a bag of frozen ones.

Crêpes: For dessert, whip up some crêpes!'s recipe uses flour, eggs, milk, oil and salt. What do you put on top? The options are endless, from butter and powered sugar to Nutella or whipped cream and fresh fruit. Bonus: You can also make savory crêpes with cheese, meat and vegetables for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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