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External Article 7 May 2020

Flying During Coronavirus: How Airlines Are Changing Their In-Flight Rules

The latest on mandatory masks, blocked middle seats, and updated boarding procedures.

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After coming to a near standstill due to the coronavirus outbreak, the air travel industry is turning its collective attention to what it will take to get passengers flying again. The first step: making fliers feeling safe in the confined space of an airplane with new onboard regulations.

In addition to increased sanitizing procedures, airlines across the globe are changing their boarding protocols, are allotting more space for fliers onboard planes, and have begun mandating passengers and flight crew wear personal protective gear, like face masks and gloves.

Face masks in particular have been widely endorsed across the industry in recent weeks. The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, which represents 50,000 flight attendants, has called upon the Department of Transportation and Health and Human Services to make masks a requirement for all air passengers nationwide. Similarly, the International Air Transport Association and U.S. Travel Association have both released guidelines for passengers and crew to wear masks, as well as other changes to the check-in and boarding processes to allow for social distancing during travel.

Here are the latest policies among individual airlines.

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