"The Force and the dark side of the force, to me, are the basis of leadership."

This quote, in combination with a conversation about leadership, fear, empathy and its relevance to managing people in the Hospitality Industry. Furthermore, why these aspects may have a significant impact on your team dynamics and your ability to cope with stress, if you are curious, then listen to this episode of the Hospitality Unsettled podcast—Starring the President of the Luxury Hotelschool in Paris Arnaud Bouvier.

Luxury Hotelschool in Paris: https://www.luxuryhotelschool.com/.

About the Hospitality Unsettled Podcast

The Hospitality Unsettled Podcast is a student-driven podcast where every week, we explore the role of hospitality in topics where you least expect it. Additionally, we sit together with both current and future leaders to find out how they see developments in their industry and their impact on the future of Hospitality.