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External Article23 June 2020

15 Cabin Ideas To Boost Airline Passenger Confidence During COVID

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Aircraft Interiors International

Passenger confidence is key to the recovery of air travel. Designers and suppliers around the world have come up with ideas to help flyers feel safer in the cabin and more physically separated from their fellow travellers. From low-cost cardboard isolators, to 3D-printed air blades, a wide range of ideas has been developed very swiftly to help reassure nervous passengers.


While passengers will be keen to know what cabin hygiene or germ transfer measures airlines have taken in the current Covid world, they may feel more reassured if they can take more control over their personal space by bringing their own safety measures on board. Passengers need to be in the right frame of mind to fly with confidence - or indeed in the right HeadZone, as Factorydesign has named its latest cabin safety solution, which wraps around the head to give support, personal separation and a sense of reassurance.

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