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External Article17 July 2020

Where will travel go in the future?

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The Drum

All of our lives have been affected by the pandemic. From restrictions on travel, postponement of large events like the Olympics, the need to home-school to the way we shop and maintain relationships, the disruption is unprecedented.

In an instant, our reliance on digital technologies became more necessary than ever. Businesses had to push technological infrastructure to its limits, adopting new workflows to prevent disruption as soaring numbers of employees began working remotely across the globe. Digital transformation has accelerated at an exponential rate and companies like Slack, Microsoft and Zoom have seen stock values grow as demand for remote working tools has surged.

Conversely the travel and OOH industries have suffered during the first phase of the pandemic. The clearest evidence of this is in the stark images of empty airports and notably quieter roads. 96% of countries have now implemented some form of restriction on mobility in a bid to contain the outbreak, grounding almost all of us in one way or another.

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