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External Article29 July 2020

A COVID-19 distribution trends guide for hoteliers

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Globally, the hotel industry should be enjoying the height of the summer tourist season.


Instead, COVID-19 is impacting tourism numbers like we've never seen before - government lockdowns, border closures, and reduced airline schedules have all played a role in affecting people's decision to travel.

Although travel is not yet returning on a global level, hotel occupancy is on the rise post-lockdown in many domestic and drive markets.

However, conventional summer hot spots (beaches, theme parks, world-famous cities, etc.) are being avoided in favor of more rural locations, as outdoor recreation has grown in popularity to allow for social distancing.

As more countries begin to reopen, what does travel look like? What are the new guest expectations that hoteliers should be aware of to incorporate into their business strategies? What are the latest data and booking trends telling us about industry recovery?

Here are five major areas of consideration for summer travel.

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