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External Article28 September 2020

Is Coliving the Next Big Hospitality Trend?

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The hospitality industry is quick to change and follow the latest trends. From backpacker hostels and glamping sites to ultra-luxury resorts, this industry really knows how to cater to anyone. Not only that, but its ultimate goal is making sure that every person on Earth can find something for their lifestyle and habits. By DORIAN MARTIN


In recent years, coliving has stood out as one of the most interesting new hospitality trends. However, coliving wasn't born in the hospitality industry. It started as a lifestyle for people who prioritize and value the sense of community. As coliving spaces started spreading, the hospitality industry recognized that this is something many people actually want to do.

Here are just some of the things people love about coliving:

  • the sense of community and human-to-human connection
  • surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals
  • working towards a common goal of satisfaction and happiness
  • self-awareness and collective awareness
  • more fun and entertainment while you're at home
  • never feeling lonely or bored

Here are some of the major ways the hospitality industry is taking part in this trend and leveraging all those benefits:

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