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External Article 6 October 2020

The 40 Coolest Neighbourhoods in the World

We surveyed thousands and asked local experts to rank the greatest places right now for fun, food, culture and community

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Time Out

Every year, we survey thousands of people around the globe to discover the world's coolest neighbourhoods: the places that represent the spirit of the greatest cities on earth. These are the places to be for food and fun, art and culture, atmosphere and personality. Every year, there's plenty of debate and lots of love. But in 2020, our neighbourhoods have taken on a whole new importance.

Over the past months, billions of people have found themselves spending way more time close to home. Lockdowns and safety measures have hollowed out business and shopping districts but local neighbourhoods have thrived. Places that used to be dormitory districts are buzzing all day long. The shop on the corner and the local takeaway restaurant have become vital lifelines. Neighbours have stepped up to help each other through hard times and banded together to protest around Black Lives Matter. A strong sense of community and unique independent businesses have always made a neighbourhood great, but now they've become indispensable. So, in a year like no other, we're doing things a little differently.

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