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Supplier News28 October 2020

Prepare For the New Reality of Hybrid Meetings with the Electro-Media ReadyRoom!™

Visit the Electro-Media Design Virtual Exhibit Booth at Cyber HITEC, October 27- 29, 2020

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Electro-Media Design

The global pandemic has been the largest disruptor to the meetings and events industry in generations, and there are many questions about when and how meetings will return. One thing is certain, when they do, they will look different on both the meeting planner and supplier sides. And when the hotel meeting and events staff returns to work, they will have a lot of questions on how to support the "new normal" of hybrid events.

This week at Cyber HITEC 2020 visit the Electro-Media Design virtual exhibit booth to learn about the Electro-Media ReadyRoom™, an intentionally designed event space with both the virtual and the in-person attendee experience in mind.

The Electro-Media ReadyRoom™ is a customized design to fit the intended meeting space and eliminates distractions by pairing the right technologies with the right room type, not a one-size-fits-most kit of parts. While many manufacturers will claim their systems will work anywhere, the Electro-Media ReadyRoom™ considers the existing conditions in the space, including acoustics and lighting to optimize the technology system performance. This creates a hybrid event where all attendees' experience, both in-person and virtual, is much more welcoming and enjoyable. And because it is not a "vendor-locked" solution, the Electro-Media ReadyRoom™ accommodates any web-based conferencing and collaboration solution including Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Teams, Google Meet and more.

For venue staff, the Electro-Media ReadyRoom™ takes a lot of the guesswork out of planning a hybrid event. With built-in capabilities the room becomes easy to operate, while remaining flexible in setup arrangement and usage. Unlike the days of purpose-built boardrooms and telepresence suites, the Electro-Media ReadyRoom™ can be used for any event. It does not have to sit empty when the hybrid capabilities are not required.

While the need to address these services will be urgent, we also understand that the current economic situation had made funds for technology purchases difficult to access. To address this we have created the opportunity to bundle our AVaStar support services, extended warranty, and an operating lease so that the Electro-Media ReadyRoom™ can be provided with no upfront CapEx costs for venues that meet certain criteria.

Imagine pristine audio, immersive video, and a simple user interface, ready to use with any web conferencing software.

Imagine the Electro-Media ReadyRoom™!

About Electro-Media Design Ltd.

Electro-Media Design, Ltd. (EMD) is an independent consulting and design firm with global experience on more than 1,000 projects since 1990. EMD is the leading industry-recognized global thought leader in in meeting, event, and entertainment technologies for hotels, conference centers, and institutional facilities. EMD are the go-to experts for hotel and facility management brands, as well as technology industry trade associations. EMD provides a full range of services in acoustics and technology consulting, from surveys and master plans to project/procurement management, commissioning, and training. EMD does not sell, install, or represent any manufacturers or products. Visit us at or call (301) 355-5050.

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