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Podcast12 November 2020

Hospitality Unsettled Podcast: A Social Personality and Digital Business

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Hospitality Unsettled

"Within every department of an organisation, there is disruptive technology coming, and that is why it is so important to look at regardless of your specific job or industry."

This quote, in combination with a conversation about both the benefits and risks of increasing digitalisation within a business. This podcast includes the personal story of Laurien Hobma who grew up in the spotlight of the first unofficial go pro and answered the question: Why technology is not always the right answer for businesses? and why digitalisation whether you like it or will play a role in our future? If you are curious, then listen to this episode of the Hospitality Unsettled podcast—Starring Master Student at the Jönköping International Business School and graduate of Hotelschool The Hague Laurien Hobma.

About the Hospitality Unsettled Podcast

The Hospitality Unsettled Podcast is a student-driven podcast where every week, we explore the role of hospitality in topics where you least expect it. Additionally, we sit together with both current and future leaders to find out how they see developments in their industry and their impact on the future of Hospitality.

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