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Press Release13 November 2020

WTTC is proud to present the second event in its One Voice series

“One Voice: To Recovery & Beyond” to explore the path ahead for Travel & Tourism

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World Travel & Tourism (WTTC)

London, UK - The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), which represents the global Travel & Tourism private sector, presents its second in a series of Travel & Tourism focussed virtual events next week, with "One Voice - To Recovery & Beyond" taking place on 1 December.


The "One Voice" series of events is designed to shed light on the devastating impact COVID-19 is having on the global Travel & Tourism sector, and how an internationally coordinated approach is vital in order to lead us on the road to recovery.

The series focusses on how and why the sector needs to come together to work towards the recovery of the hundreds of millions of jobs lost, and livelihoods impacted.

The event on 1 December will explore the challenges along the road to recovery, as well as the ability to convert them into opportunities for the Travel & Tourism sector.

The event will be held in three sessions, moderated by Richard Quest, CNN International Anchor and the face of the highly acclaimed Quest Means Business show, and Ros Atkins, BBC News presenter.

The first session will look at the future of Travel & Tourism post COVID-19 and will feature Gloria Guevara, President & CEO, WTTC; Christoph Wolff, Head of Mobility Industries, WEF; Luis Araujo, President, ETC; Roger Dow, President & CEO, USTA; and Fang Liu, Secretary General, ICAO.

The second session will explore ways to break down barriers to travel, such as quarantines and travel restrictions, and will feature Paul Griffiths, CEO, Dubai Airports International; and J.D. O'Hara, CEO, Internova Travel Group.

The third session will reflect on the lasting social impact of Travel & Tourism, looking at ways that Travel & Tourism both directly and indirectly benefits individuals and local communities. It will feature Brett Tollman, CEO, The Travel Corporation; Kate Mikesell, President, Hilton Effect Foundation; and Douglas Sabo, Chief Sustainability Officer, Visa.

Speakers will discuss what is needed to move forward towards recovery and how the Travel & Tourism sector can we learn from the past, in order to rebuild together, in a more sustainable and responsible way.

Gloria Guevara said: "We are thrilled to be continuing our virtual events series with this critical topic surrounding the future of Travel & Tourism. We are grateful to Richard Quest, Ros Atkins, as well as our WTTC Members and other industry leaders for coming together to help make this event a possibility."

"This is a critical time for our sector. Our latest data shows that 174 million Travel & Tourism jobs are at risk of being lost in 2020, so it's vital we recover as many as possible now in order to power the economic recovery and save the ailing Travel & Tourism sector."

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WTTC is the body which represents the Travel & Tourism private sector globally. Members consist of CEOs of the world's Travel & Tourism companies, destinations, and industry organisations engaging with Travel & Tourism.

WTTC has a history of 25 years of research to quantify the economic impact of the sector in 185 countries. Travel & Tourism is a key driver for investment and economic growth globally. The sector contributes US$8.8 trillion or 10.4% of global GDP, and accounts for 319 million jobs or one in ten of all jobs on the planet.

For over 25 years, WTTC has been the voice of this industry globally. Members are the Chairs, Presidents and Chief Executives of the world's leading, private sector Travel & Tourism businesses, who bring specialist knowledge to guide government policy and decision-making and raise awareness of the importance of the sector.

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