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Press Release19 May 2021

In 2018 no one knew COVID was coming

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Magnuson Hotels

Three years ago our talented team was tasked with building the Magnuson Cloud. The assignment? A tech solution for hoteliers that would combine several complex and non-integrated processes into one simple affordable platform.


As it turned out, our timing was critical to hoteliers facing challenges from the impact of a global pandemic on their properties. In 2020 while UK hotels were in lockdown, our Magnuson Cloud system outperformed USA RevPAR by 3X in 2020 Covid.

The Magnuson Cloud performance is now available to UK hoteliers.

Have it your way, with total brand support or the distribution technology version for independent hotels.

About Magnuson Hotels

Magnuson Hotels is a top global chain that gives hotel owners a way to achieve global brand support at a fraction of the cost of traditional franchise chains. In 2019, Magnuson outperformed the USA STR RevPAR by 10X. In 2020, Magnuson Hotels outperformed the USA hotel index by 3X.

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