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External Article23 June 2021

Europe's Reopening: Here's Where Travel Advisors Are Sending Clients

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As European countries reopen their borders, travelers are eager to begin exploring the continent again, travel advisors said.


“I spend half my time advising our guests that we feel that they are planning too much travel and we want them to tone down their spending a bit,” said Richard Turen, managing director of Churchill & Turen.

“We are seeing pent-up demand at a greater rate than I have seen it in more than 30 years.”

Currently, two of the most sought-after destinations are Italy and Greece.

“Italy and Greece are the biggest right now, with France following not far behind,” said Claire Schoeder of Elevations Travel, an affiliate of Signature Travel Network. “They were the first to announce U.S. travelers are welcome so clients wanting to head out have been going there.”

Turen is also witnessing interest in trips to Spain. “Barcelona is on everyone’s list, of course, but we’re seeing interest in Madrid and San Sebastien,” he said.

“We have several clients going to Greece, Iceland and Croatia, and have booked many last-minute trips to Spain, Italy and France,” said Laura Madrid of Resort to Laura Madrid, a Travel Experts affiliate.

Travel advisors said ocean and river cruises are also picking up steam.

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