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External Article26 July 2021

What’s the Price of an Uncleaned Hotel Room?

As business at big city hotels still lags, the pandemic may permanently change the industry’s approach to services like housekeeping and check in. But employees fear for their jobs.

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When Alex Diaz was furloughed last March, along with most of his colleagues, he did not expect to be back anytime soon.

“The feeling walking out the door that day was that this was going to be pretty drastic,” said Mr. Diaz, who had worked as a convention banquet bartender for the Red Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for 15 years.

But he thought that when he did return to work, he’d retain the seniority benefits he’d acquired, which would soon guarantee him a full-time job with health insurance.

Instead, this spring, he found himself interviewing for his old position and was only rehired after a state law went into effect in July requiring employers to give preference to furloughed staff in filling open positions, but he lost his seniority benefits.

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